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Note to the reader:

Hi there. Welcome to the reading of my exegesis! I hope you enjoy it.


To me, this is a collection of points in time, and perspectives experienced within them. Some are fleeting, some are meditations. These words offer you an insight into my Aphantasic mind. The mind of a person with an innumerable amount of emotions and complex relationship to literally everything (I’m bad at decision making and hate editing).


Like everyone obviously, we all have an inner self. An identity. This text is grappling with exposing that mind and those thought paths. It is intuitive. It’s very me but also not - I can’t decide who I am in real life, let alone my brain, let alone an artwork that is meant to be a representation (of sorts) of myself. Review it how you will: I don’t care right now, but might in two months.


Good luck! (SCROLL DOWN?)

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